5D 7D Motion Chairs

We at RONAK CHAIRS (Raunaq Chairs) make unbelievable technologies. Yes, that’s what we do, We manufacture 5D / 7D / 9D Chairs.  We are the leading manufacturer & makers of Multi Dimensional Theaters (5D / 7D / 9D ) in India. These Motion Chairs provide a great thrilling experience to the customers.

Features of Motion Chairs:

  • Bubbles Effect
  • Wind Effect
  • Snow Effect
  • Smoke/ Fog Effect
  • Rain Effect
  • Aroma Effect
  • Flash Effect
  • Thunderstorm Effect
  • Special effects in seats
  • Leg Tickler
  • Butt Poker
  • Back Poker
  • Neck Blast
  • Air Blast
  • Water Jet
  • Seats Vibration
  • Seat Sub-woofer

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Ronak chairs is one of the leading manufacturer Auditorium Chairs. We provides a full range of custom seating for theaters, multiplex cinemas and auditorium etc. Bringing huge experience in quality seating.

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